A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 46, around the theme "keep it alive." The first 3d game that I've published.

With the use of your potion table and wire box, prepare your creature for revival. Through feeding and electrocution, its body will be primed for alteration... reconstruct the abomination piece by piece until it's ready to be brought into the world!! 


sweet_resurrection_windows.zip 25 MB
sweet_resurrection_linux.zip 28 MB

Development log


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I saw your game on JDE's twitch stream and I'm very impressed with the idea! Can't wait to see more of your work!

Thanks for tuning in and checking it out, glad it piqued your interest!! :)


This game is a great foundation for a quirky and fun puzzle game. However, that is unfortunately all that it is. The puzzles in the game are hardly puzzles. And with a play session of about 2 minutes, it's hardly a game. But, I don't expect long games, with tons of replayability from a game made in 48 hours. Which is why I say it's a great foundation. I hope you continue building onto this, adding more puzzles, more difficulty, and variations to help really make things shine as a puzzle game. 


A fantastic and modern approach to potion making, with complex puzzles and engaging design. I do have to say though, the zombie seems to have taken inspiration from the undead models from the Dark Souls series, but I can sense that this game's lore is much deeper and complex...even if it still is just like the Souls games. However, Shipp has again proved himself a model designer


So sweet!!  Insane graphics and sfx had me gleefully engaging in Franken-shenanigans; ya love to see it :)